The Most Magical Coca-Cola Machine on Earth

 By: Jennifer Romano

Okay, so I know that this is just a Coke machine, but look closer.  What do you see?  I see the most magical Coke machine on Earth because this Coke machine just happens to reside at the Pop Century Resort.  Something so mundane as a Coke machine is even magical at Walt Disney World.  Notice the quote on the machine, “where magic is real.”  I wholeheartedly believe this statement.  In the World, the magic is palpable; it is REAL!  Anywhere that can cause people to forget their troubles even if just for a little while as well as encourage people to feel like being just a little bit nicer, a little bit happier is definitely worth the trip.  Disney World offers visitors a chance to exit the real world and enter the land of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy.  How many other vacation destinations offer you this opportunity?  For me, the magic is definitely alive in Disney World; it exists in the cast members, the guests, and the characters that populate this land.

The Coke machine pictured above lets me know that I am not just on vacation; I am entering a different place, a place that allows you to fly in a pirate ship, take a trip into outer space, and even see some country bears perform some excellent musical numbers.  For me, Disney World represents all that can be embodied in the most vivid imagination possible; the World brings imagination to life through the resorts and the parks.  So, when you take a trip to WDW, and you see something so trivial as a Coke machine, you can think of all of the magic that you are going to encounter in the Vacation Kingdom of the World!


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